“Tales from the Pole Part 2” by Louis Bishop

“Tales from the Pole Part 2” by Louis Bishop
“Somebody sleeping in my bed…AND YOU KNOW JUSSST WHAAT I MEAN!!”    That is the amazing lyrics of one Dru Hill from his hit “In My Bed”. That is what is in the background while I write this at work, yeah it’s a Slow Jam Sunday here at The Gentlemen’s Club. Well until the few the proud the Marines storm the Beaches of Titty Island. A lot like the Marines I have special missions I must complete for the night that came from my Commander and Chief or as I like to call her the owner of the Club.
From the Desk of The Commander in Chief and Da’ Owner
1. Talk to Dancer “A” tell her to stop bullying 2 new girls.
2. Talk to Dancer “B” and “C” tell them that we have cameras everywhere. Tell them not to bring whatever they are bringing in the club anymore.
“If you a captured behind enemy lines we will say we do not know of your mission
Godspeed and Good Luck Beeshop.”  Said, Da Owner.
Now lets talk about my Missions:
Mission 1. Is a mission I must do at least once every 2 months or so. What happens is when a New Dancer is born some of the Old dancers will accept the New Baby Dancer into their world. When I say “Old Dancers” they are not old in age but just Old as they have been here longer than other girls. They will help the baby dancers and even offer them a friendship. Like most relationships in the Old Dancers life it turns south quickly. It normally takes a week to 3 weeks for this to happen. There are a million reasons this Friendship to end “She fucked my man.” “She stole money, shoes, clothes or anything from me.” “ She told a guy I’m married.” “She told a guy I was gay.” “She told a guy I was pregnant.” Most of the time love just turns to hate. Could it be jealously? Maybe? I think it is that most dancers love drama. They love the drama more than dollar bills. More than a 17 year old marine that has no bills and can spend all their bonus money in the VIP Room. Drama makes their naughty parts tingle. Dancer “A” showed up and I let her get dressed first before I said anything to her. Because once she’s dressed she can not leave work. She comes up into the DJ Booth.
Me – “Hey I’ve been told to tell you to stop bullying the new girls.”
Dancer “A” (DA) – “What girl?”
Me – “I don’t know, they wouldn’t tell me just said for you to stop,”
DA – “What I ain’t bullying nobody.”
Me – “That’s just what the boss told me to tell you.”
DA – “Just cause I stop a girl from beating up another girl I am bullying her?”
Me – “I don’t know I am just letting you know.”
DA – “It’s cause im white aint it?”
Me – “Yup, that’s it!”
I would say that went well.
Oh look who just walked in Dancer “B” and “C” at 9 pm just 2 hours late for work. I will wait for them to get dressed then I will talk to them both and start mission 2.
Mission 2. Now what could they be doing that the owners want them to stop? I bet they are selling Arms to a hate group that wants to stop the Jewish State in the Middle East? That’s more than likely what they are doing. Weapons Dealers are very Dangerous people!  My mind races to try and figure it out.
I Walk into the Dressing Room
Me – “Hello ladies, I see there is no one else in the dressing room so I need to talk to you.”
“B” – “Whats up?”
Me – “The boss wanted me to tell you that we have cameras everywhere so whatever you’re doing you need to stop in the club.”
“C” – “What you mean?”
Me – “You know I don’t know she would not say. But whatever you’re doing you need to stop. Also, I gonna put you up in 2 more girls.”
“C” “B”= “Okay.”
 Another success I would say.
Really there is nothing I can do to punish these girls. Through out my 5 years working here I have fired girls from here for doing anything and everything. Then what happens within days? They talk to the boss and they hire them right back. Sometimes the girls are not out of the parking lot until they get hired back. Now you may say “Bishop how does that make sense, if you are enforcing the rules that the boss wants you too?” The world moves from the same thing, drama. It is a never-ending cycle my friend.
Just as I was finishing this the waitress walked up
Waitress= whatcha’ doing
Me= this blog thing I guess you would call it
Waitress = you look like a blogger
Me = I don’t if that’s a compliment or not
Waitress = yeah me either
Sweet dreams america
Louis BishopLouis Bishop is a comedian out of Wilmington, NC raised is a trailer park in Jacksonville, NC he was fed a steady diet of professional wrestling, corn dogs and dysfunction.  You can hear him on the Creedence & Bishop Show and see him around Eastern North Carolina.