A list of Wilmington Comedians, Bio’s and links to their sites:

The Nutt House Improv Troupe

The Nutt House Improv Troupe is a  performance based improv comedy troupe.  We perform every Wednesday night at 9:00 pm in the Nutt Street Comedy Room of downtown Wilmington, NC.  It is located in the basement of the Soapbox.  Admission is a steal at $3.00 per person!  We play short and long form interactive improv games; if you come down, be ready to give us suggestions for scenes.  We are a group of comedians and we have a great time making people laugh. We offer a workshop for anyone interested in learning improv comedy at 9:00 pm on Tuesday nights in the Nutt Street Comedy Room.  Come on down and check it out!  Check out their website here

Pineapple Shaped Lamps –

PSLcastPineapple-Shaped Lamps are just a rag-tag group of champions. The comedy/theatre troupe have been performing in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina since 2010.  They write, act, and produce their own live sketch comedy show, TNL. Complete with elaborate costumes, cross dressing of both genders, crazy sound effects, silly dances, parodies of songs, and boundary pushing comedy. When they aren’t performing comedy shows, they are adapting scripts and producing musicals such as “Dr. Horrible’s Sing A-Long Blog” and “Cannibal! The Musical.” If you’re looking for something silly, genuinely funny, and maybe a little bit fruity, then grab a bowl-full of comedy from Pineapple-Shaped Lamps!  Check out their website here: and their YouTube Channel Here.

Louis Bishop

Louis Bishop takes the normal and twists it to the absurd. His hilarious takes on common situations makes audiences groan and laugh. He is smart and slightly twisted and keeps the audience guessing and laughing uproariously throughout.

Louis’ upbringing was the right cocktail of insane parents, trailer parks, bullies, corn dogs and strippers to make any kid grow up and be a Comedian. His act on stage, which is a stream of consciousness of a man fed up, covers topics from obesity, family, The Price is Right and personal shaving habits!  Louis Bishop has been seen on stages in North Carolina, South Carolina , Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia.

Louis has performed with Comics Doug Stanhope,Todd Glass, Neal Brennan, Louis Katz, Michael Malone, Vic Henley, Chris Porter, Dave Stone, Marc Price, Mack Lindsay, Adam Cayton-Holland and Vanilla Ice!  Competed in Rocky Top Comedy Contest, Port City Top Comic and the Charleston Comedy Contest.

Before doing Stand Up Comedy Louis worked in Radio at WXQR for 6 years on “The Creedence & Bishop Show” . During his tenure on the air waves he learned very important lessons in promotions, event coordination and how to build a fan base.

Drew Harrison

Drew is an up and coming comedian from small town North Carolina.  He moved to Wilmington to be apart of the scene down here after a trip to the finals of Port City’s Top Comic in 2012. A product of a southern Baptist single mother, he delivers a mix of observational humor and storytelling you have to see to believe. He has shared the stage with Eddie Ifft, Joe Matarese, Chris Fairbanks and many others.

Follow him on twitter @harrison_comedy.




Reid Hughes Clark

Reid is multi-talented threat he is a writer, an actor, a rapper and a comedian.  Reid uses his many talents while on stage to engage the audience sometimes switching from comedy to rap and visa versa.

Check out his talents:

2nd Round Port Citys Top Comic 2012

Free Rap/Comedy Mix

Email Reid here

Follow him on Twitter @Gullah2Rill

Check him out on YouTube



John Felts –

Raised in the heart of freedom, Washington D.C., John Felts likes all things American: his wife, his cheese and gladiators. He worked at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, where he rented cars and saved lives.  He now is a full time performer.  Beginning his comedy career while studying at University, he won competitions, such as The Last Seahawk Standing and the roast of Colton DeMonte. His comedy is a mix of commentary, story-telling, and rap-battling. He currently lives in downtown Wilmington, NC with his wife, Elizabeth. He hopes to one day impress his in-laws.  Click here for booking or email John here for more information.  Check out his website

Anthony Corvino –

Anthony recently moved to North Carolina in May after living and performing in New York most of his life. He trained at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) in New York City and has also taught workshops & improv classes at the collegiate, high school and middle school levels. Anthony can be seen performing stand up comedy at Nutt Street Comedy Room and acting in TheatreNow productions in downtown Wilmington. For booking click here.  His website can be found here.  You can also check out his YouTube Channel Here.

Sean Webb

Married father of 2, Sean brings a gritty,real world view of family life. Sean also grew up with a brother with Autism which has given him a definite unique view of humanity. Even though Sean is only a year into his comedy career, he has had a meteoric rise in the Wilmington comedy scene.Not only did he host the 2011 Port City Comedy Festival, but he’s also opened for such headliners as Comedy Central’s Geoffe Tate, Blue Collar Comedy’s Vic Henley, and Chappelle Show co-creator and writer of Half Baked Neal Brennan.  You can also see Sean in hit shows such as Eastbound and Down and One Tree Hill. Next year you can see Sean in Iron Man 3.  Check out his site here





Steve Marcinowski

Steve Marcinowski’s Boston up bringing gives him a view of life only New England can give. His style of contrasting life’s choices with absurd outcomes is personal enough to feel like you’re having a beer with him at the pub.  Steve has showcased some of the most premier comedy clubs in the country, including Nick’s Comedy Stop in Boston, Broadway Comedy Club in New York and The Comedy Store in La Jolla Ca.  Founding member of the 2011 Wilmington’s best Comedy Group, the Nutt House Improv.

Steve has opened for Rory Scovel,

Lucky Louies Rich Shapiro and “Family Ties” co-star Marc Price.





Gerrod Sidbury

Gerrod is an up and coming comedian born and raised here in Wilmington.  Gerrod relies on his ADHD to get through this world of ours and for some reason it has allowed him to make people laugh as a result. “Don’t judge me, that’s not your job!” has become a familiar catch phrase of his.  Gerrod made his stand up debut at Nutt St. Comedy Club and since then he has traveled throughout NC and SC performing comedy and participating in competitions such as Comedy Zone (Greensboro,NC), Charlie Goodnights (Raleigh,NC).  Gerrod was a participant in Wilmington’s Got Talent, Host of the Port City Comedy Festival 2011, and a finalist in the 8th Annual Comedy Competition at Comedy Cabana (Myrtle Beach,SC).

Mike Van Vliet

Mike Van Vliet 2Mike Van Vliet got his start in an improv troupe outside of NYC until he decided to branch out and try a solo stand up career. Moving from NY to Chicago at age 20, he quickly became a popular name on the open mic comedy scene.  Fearless with any topic and crowd he will attack any and all topics. Armed with rapid-fire witty comebacks and sarcasm, his comedy routine is unlike any other.  His ability to use his improv skills to flirt with a girl in the front row and then handle a heckler in the back make his live shows some of the most exciting to watch.  Mike has performed with comedians Craig Robinson, Jim Wiggins, Geoff Tate, Joe DeRosa, and Kyle Kinane.




Colton DeMonte

Colton DeMonte was born in the barren wasteland of upstate New York.  When he was 5 years old, he was brought to the warm Southern coast of Wilmington, NC.  Even as a youngster, Colton was performing comedic roles in plays up until he graduated High School in 2008.  A year later he landed a local commercial and filmed several short films.  Colton studied the Meisnr technique, voice and improvisation at CFCC.  Colton is a founding member of the Nutt House Improv Troupe along with improv he has been performing stand up comedy for 3 years and had performed with Lachlan Patterson, Kyle Grooms and Todd Glass.  He can be seen every Wednesday and Thursday night at the Nutt Street Comedy Room.

Bridget Callahan


Bridget Callahan is a writer and performer from Cleveland, Ohio, who currently attends UNCW. Her writing has been featured on The Good Men Project, Bad Date Great Story, Ohio Authority, and most recently on Amazon, where she’s trying to hawk a book about Cleveland which nobody else from any other area of the country could possibly be interested in unless they have a fetish for dying cultures and fat people who like to sleep around. If you’re less a fan of those book things, and more into 500 word incoherent essays about random topics, please check out her blog at

Buy Bridgets book here:

Zack Burk

165768_838543190783_22214578_44423881_7455988_n[1]Zack Burk brings tragedy to comedy with his unique views on his own personal experiences. From being bullied throughout school to admitting he’s not afraid to “sext” to get a date anything is up for grabs. His truthfulness on stage only adds to the fun when he shares personal stories that keep the crowd guessing to the end whats real and what isn’t. While using self-deprecating humor and mocking the things and people in his everyday life, his comedy is true open book. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina which has become a hub for comedy on the East Coast. He has performed with comedians Louis Katz, Ian Salmon and Dave Stone. Zack also sharpened his acting chops starred in the short film Cleanup Comedy, which was featured in local film festivals around Wilmington NC. He is also a voice talent on The Creedence & Bishop Show.



Lew Morgante

Lew EatingLew was born and lived in New York for 25 years.  Moving to Wilmington, NC with a job a few years ago; as most plans go it wasn’t long until he was searching for another job and a different path.  Lew started doing comedy at the Nutt Street Comedy Room after being convinced to do so by a friend in July of 2011 and has been on a mission since.  His comedy can be described as self deprecating confessional story telling with occasional rant with a hint of rage.  You can go to his website and join his mailing list.

Check out his YouTube Channel Here.

For information and booking please email him here.  Lew also started as a way to help promote the Wilmington comedy scene and comics.



Cameron Smith –

Cameron Smith

Cameron is a young pup. He likes cuss words, banana pudding, and Piglet’s Big Movie. Cameron began making comedy videos at age 10 and has been doing it ever since. He has acted, written, directed, edited, and produced over 400 videos on YouTube consisting of sketches, music videos, web series, vlogs, short films, and even feature-length movies. At age 17, he began performing stand-up in the Wilmington area while simultaneously producing a feature-length film, entitled “Rise To Stand-Up”, which documented the very beginning of his stand-up career.

Cameron enjoys comedy in its many forms as he fluctuates from black and blue humor, anti-comedy, multiple characters, surrealism, and even musical comedy by rapping. No matter what style he’s performing on stage, it’s always relatively offensive and irreverent. Cameron’s hopes and dreams are those of becoming a film director, meeting Tim Heidecker, marrying his high school English teacher, and morphing into a beast of some sort.  You can follow Cameron on Twitter and YouTube.

Beth Raynor – 


Beth has been doing stand-up comedy since her boyfriend signed her up against her will and she realized she didn’t suck at it.

A Wilmington native, she has performed in local theatre productions for Big Dawg, Guerilla Theatre, and ByChance Productions, and can be seen every Saturday morning in the children’s show “Super Saturday Fun Time” at TheatreNOW. She has also opened for touring comedians Ian Salmon, Corwin Oglesby, and Tracy Smith at the Nutt Street Comedy Room. Her comedy is that of one who obviously went through college sexually frustrated and is now making up for lost time with a tentative understanding of human relationships. If that sounds cool, her youtube channel can be found here!


Clifton Cash


Clifton is a NC native, raised in a conservative and religious home by kind and hilarious people.  He enjoys making fun of every group and therefore usually hides after his shows. He has done many things most of which are uninteresting and now owns a local recycling company, which is also uninteresting.  He started doing comedy at Nutt Street January of 2011.  It may have taken 30 years to find his thing but he found it and it’s comedy. He hopes to take the dive into full time comedy sooner rather than later. Offer him a movie deal, he will say yes.  Check out his website here or email him

Wills Maxwell

Wills MaxwellWills Maxwell, Jr. started doing stand-up comedy when he was in 4th grade. His teacher didn’t appreciate him interrupting the class and his parents didn’t appreciate him getting in trouble. Due to the lack of appreciation, Wills retired from the business and started doing stand-up comedy again after he left high school. Wills won Last Seahawk Standing, a stand-up comedy contest at UNCW, as a freshman. Since then Wills has hosted Dub Idol, Last Seahawk Standing, an episode of TNL and he has also been fortunate enough to co-host the Reel Teal Film Festival twice. In 2013, Wills joined the newly formed improv troupe, 4-Prov, and has been enjoying improvisation as much as stand-up.  Wills has no intention of slowing down so find him performing around Wilmington and on his Facebook page here.


 Addison Crowl –

Addison CrowlAddison was born in Washington DC lived in the area for 8 years then parents moved down Wilmington. He graduated from Hoggard High School. Attended College in Chicago to study architecture where he first got his feet wet in stand up comedy. Then dropped out cause that is what cool kids do. Now has been dedicated to Stand up since December 2012. Plus is willing to talk about anything. Everything is fair game in his eyes.



Lydia Manning –

Lydia Manning

Lydia Manning was born in Asheville, North Carolina, where she lived her entire non-adult life. She became funny in middle school, which was about the same time she became painfully awkward. After high school, when Lydia was slightly less awkward, but still pretty funny, she enrolled in UNC Wilmington. “I’d thought about doing comedy before,” said Lydia, “but it wasn’t until I my two-month Winter break after a semester abroad that I really decided I’d do it. I had plenty of free time to write.” Lydia started doing open mic stand-up comedy at Nutt St. shortly after her 21st birthday, and got hooked instantly. She describes her style as “the correct way of thinking about things.” You can also see her with Maxwell-Clark, 4-Prov, and UNCW’s Myrmidon Warriors.

Madison Davis –

Madison Davis

All her life, Madison Davis has been hearing the phrase, “big things come in small packages.” She now knows this applies to penises. She started doing comedy in Wilmington and hasn’t stopped.

She has opened for names like Todd Glass, Kyle Grooms, Tracy Smith, and Chris Fairbanks.
She toured around the south with the: “What do we call this tour” comedy tour, which she did not name
She featured for a week at Carolina Comedy club in Myrtle Beach.
She likes world piece and rustic weddings
Tyler Wood – 
Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood is a handsome young man from Swansboro, NC, towering over the majority of the population at 6’4.  However, Tyler has not always enjoyed attention.  An obese body and resulting lack of confidence and self esteem resulted in an unhappy high school and adolescent experience.  Through sheer will power and portion control, Tyler lost the weight and replaced it with charisma.  He moved to Wilmington in the fall of 2012 to attend UNCW, where he currently is studying for a degree in communication studies.  In January 2013, Tyler put his new found charisma to the test by taking the stage to perform stand-up for the first time.  He bombed horribly.  Not deterred, Tyler found The Nutt Street Comedy Club and began to attend the weekly open mic and slowly grew into the handsome, charismatic, funny, humble guy he is today.  His style is very diverse, including a wide variety of styles from puns and word play to stories and observations.

Tyler is currently heavily involved in the comedy scene of Wilmington, both in improv and stand-up.  In September of 2013, Tyler opened for Mike Lawrence.

Tyler found it strange to type this in third person.